We are a full service Theraputic Massage Located in Downtown Cadillac, Michigan. We specialize in relaxation massages, deep tissue massages, and chair massages!

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Experienced Customized Massage Therapy

Benefits of a Massage:
Enhances relaxation, promotes well being and body awareness, supports immunity, decreases muscle tightness and restrictions, increases joint mobility and overall flexibility, improves skin elasticity, increases blood circulation, helps to detoxify the body.

Mission Statement:
My mission is to provide therapeutic massage that is safe, and effective. I promise to listen to you, and work with you to tailor each massage session according to your individual needs. Communication about your therapeutic needs begins when the appointment is scheduled, you tell me what you want, what your expectations are and what areas you would like me to focus on and I will put my education, talent, and passion to work for you. Therapeutic massage is very personal, so feeling safe and secure is my number one goal. When you feel safe and secure you can relax and allow the transformation to begin. I am currently obtaining my certification in Craniosacral Therapy and expect to be certified by March of 2018.

Relaxation Massage:
Gentle full-body Swedish massage that uses slower & lighter smooth gliding strokes to promote a sense of wellbeing. This treatment is designed to sooth & relax you, not specific for relief of chronic pain or underlying ailments.
Deep Tissue Massage:
Full body treatment that uses slow, firm strokes often used to treat a variety of physical ailments. With the main emphases being on the realignment of deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues along with the elimination of trigger points. This is especially helpful for those suffering from chronic aches & pains, muscle injuries & post surgery. Also aids in breaking up scar tissue. Available in 60 & 90 minute sessions.

Chair Massage:
Chair massage is a type of seated massage done in a special chair. Typically done with your face resting in a cradle looking down towards the floor with custom supports for your arms. May also be done in alternative seated position. Chair massage is generally a 15-20 minute service focused on your neck, shoulders, back & arms. This type of service is great for winding down & de-stressing after a long week—ask me about special pricing for regular weekly appointments! 

Hot Towel / Essential Oils:
Enhance any massage treatment with a hot towel, wrap one around your feet, neck and shoulders to take your session to a deeper level of relaxation. High qualitiy essential oils are integrated in with each massage and hot towel treatment.        

Experienced Customized Massage Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a light-touch approach that can create dramatic improvements in your life and wellness. It releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance.

Few body structures have more influence over your health and well-being than your central nervous system. And few body systems have more impact on your central nervous system than the soft tissues and fluid that protect your brain and spinal cord.

Every day you endure stresses and strains and your body absorbs them. But your body can only handle so much tension before the tissues begin to tighten and potentially affect the brain and spinal cord. Unfortunately, this can compromise the function of the central nervous system – and the performance of nearly every other system in your body.

CranioSacral Therapy releases these tensions to allow the entire body to relax and self-correct. Using a gentle touch — starting with about the weight of a nickel — practitioners evaluate your internal environment. Then they use distinctive light-touch techniques to release any restrictions they find.

By freeing the central nervous system to perform at its best, CranioSacral Therapy naturally eliminates pain and stress, strengthens your resistance to disease, and enhances your health and well-being. And because it's so gentle, CranioSacral Therapy has proven effective for all ages, from newborns to elders.

SomatoEmotional Release is a therapeutic process that expands on the principles of CranioSacral Therapy to help rid the mind and body of the residual effects of trauma.

The body often retains (rather than dissipates) physical forces due to an accident, injury, or emotional trauma. The dysfunctional area is isolated, creating what is called an "energy cyst". Although a reasonably healthy body can adapt to “energy cysts,” extra energy is required to perform normal bodily functions. As time passes, the body's ability to adapt decreases and symptoms begin to appear, becoming more difficult to suppress.

The SomatoEmotional Release process allows the body to let go of these "energy cysts" and return to a state of wellness. SomatoEmotional Release requires sensitivity on the part of the therapist and a positive attitude and trust from the patient as you work together in the healing process.

What can I expect from a CranioSacral Therapy Session?

A typical CranioSacral Therapy session lasts from 45 minutes to an hour, and takes place in a quiet, private setting. As a client you remain fully clothed as you relax on a comfortable, padded massage or treatment table. The practitioner will stand or sit positioned at various points of your head, torso or feet. At times your practitioner may also support your limbs and spine while helping your body release accumulated tension.

What you experience during a CST session is highly individual. Some people say they feel deeply relaxed, while others describe feeling unwinding sensations as the body releases tension. You may even recall circumstances surrounding a past trauma or injury that caused your body stress. While it doesn't occur in every session, this aspect of the process – called SomatoEmotional Release – is perfectly normal, and helps the body reverse dysfunction and restore optimal levels of mobility.

Because each individual response to CST is unique, the number of sessions needed to resolve any particular condition varies widely. While one session may give you the relief you need, your situation may require more therapy before it's completely alleviated. Your therapist can best advise you in this area.

What will I experience after a session?

Just as each individual experiences CST sessions differently, the results can be diverse as well. You may leave in such a relaxed state that you feel like sleeping for hours. Or you may leave full of boundless energy. You may feel a decrease in pain or an increase in function immediately after the session, or the effects may develop gradually over the next few days.

Since CST helps the body resume its natural healing processes, it's common for your improvements to continue weeks after the session. You may also experience a reorganization phase as your body releases previously held patterns and adapts to a new state of wellness.   

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